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Essence Statement
Technology is about thinking critically and creatively in the design and manufacture of practical and intellectual resources. Adaptation and innovation are at the heart of technological practice. Technology is ever changing and growing impacting heavily on the cultural, ethical, environmental, political and economic conditions of the day.

Technology At Kokopu School
Students will develop technological knowledge that will equip them to participate in present and future technology related careers and lifestyles. They will learn a variety of practical contexts like food products, chook houses, stage props and costumes, computer systems and software. They learn practical skills to design and develop models of these products.

Big Ideas

This learning area comprises of three strands;

Technological Practice
Investigating products, plans, issues and systems.
Technological Knowledge
Understanding how and why things work and operate the way they do.
Nature of Technology
Evaluation on the impact of technology on societies and the environment.

Technology classes involving plastics, food technology, wood work and sewing for year 7-8


Identify the student needs (through sound teaching practice) and endeavour to meet these needs through a differential learning programme.
Identify learning intentions, discuss and promote knowledge skills being developed.
Plan units with appropriate/specific success criteria and learning outcomes.
Reflect and review outcomes form previous programmes/levels and provide progressions of learning opportunities.
Focus on key competencies and values
Professional development on-going and available to all staff