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Essence Statement
Science is about investigation, understanding and explaining our natural, physical and universal world. Science is testing ideas, gathering information, making observations, modelling and communication. It is logical thinking and evidence based on creative exploration.

Science At Kokopu School
The children will be able to use problem solving and decision making skills to confront many opportunities from a scientific perspective. The can develop an understanding of the world and learn to develop and organise processes that relate to their own lives and the sustainability of the environment.

Big Ideas

Under the umbrella of the Nature Of Science children explore;

  1. The Living World
Living things and significant biological issues
  1. Planet Earth and Beyond
The universe and beyond and issues facing our planet
  1. The Physical World
Light, sound, heat, waves, magnetism, forces and motion
  1. The material World
Matter and the changes it undergoes.

Identify the student needs (through sound teaching practice) and endeavour to meet these needs through a differential learning programme.
Identify learning intentions, discuss and promote knowledge skills being developed.
Plan units with appropriate/specific success criteria and learning outcomes.
Reflect and review outcomes form previous programmes/levels and provide progressions of learning opportunities.
Focus on key competencies and values
Professional development on-going and available to all staff