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Click on the picture to see the triathlon video.

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Waimarie Nursery Visit

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Stream Visit

This week we visited a freshwater stream down Kara Road.Our goal was to answer the question:"Could a frog live here?"We looked for mini-beasts and signs the stream was healthy.

Tyre Garden


Fruit Salad Orchard

Paper Mache Pets

Calf Club

Environmental T-Shirts

Following a year of inquiry on improving our school environmentwe thought back on everything we have learned. We designeda logo for a t-shirt to share our knowledge.

2012_term_2_week_4_ada.jpgAda Robot Picture.jpg2012 stories term 2 week 10 ada.jpg

2012 term 3 week 1 ada.jpg
2012 term 3 week 2 ada.jpg
2012 term 3 week 3 ada.jpg

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2012 term 3 week 7 ada.jpg

2012 term 3 week 9 ada.jpg

2012 term 3 week 10 ada.jpg

2012 term 3 week 11 ada.jpg

2012 term 4 week 1 ada.jpg

2012 term 4 week 2 ada.jpg

2012_ada_counting_in_tens_27th_april.jpg2012 ada effort in all areas of school work 6th june.jpg2012 ada super reading 18th july.jpg
2012 ada using interesting words in her writing 8th august.jpg2012 term 3 week 10 ada gymnastics.jpg2012 term 4 week 3 ada for being super helper in the garden activities 31st October.jpg