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Essence Statement
Social Science is learning how societies work and how people can participate as responsible citizens. Contexts are focussed nationally and globally drawing from the past, present and future.

Social Sciences At Kokopu School
Children will develop the knowledge and skills to better understand, participate in and contribute to the local, national and global communities. They clarify their own identities in relation particular heritages and contexts.

Big Ideas

Integration of the four conceptual strands;

  1. Identity, culture and organisation
  2. Place and environment
  3. Continuity and change
  4. The Economic world

Use in inquiry approach where they;

  1. Ask questions and gather information
  2. Explore and analyse values and perspectives
  3. Consider decision processes and participation
  4. Reflect and evaluate


Identify the student needs (through sound teaching practice) and endeavour to meet these needs through a differential learning programme.
Identify learning intentions, discuss and promote knowledge skills being developed.
Plan units with appropriate/specific success criteria and learning outcomes.
Reflect and review outcomes form previous programmes/levels and provide progressions of learning opportunities.
Whole School focus on a particular country of interest
Focus on key competencies and values
Professional development on-going and available to all staff