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Essence Statement
Mathematics is the exploration and use of patterns and relationships. Children are equipped with the means for investigating, interpreting, explaining and making sense of the world. Children use symbols, graphs and diagrams to help communicate the patterns and relationships explored.

Mathematics At Kokopu School
Students will develop the ability to think relatively, critically, strategically and logically. They learn to estimate, calculate, predict outcomes, justify and verify. Mathematics has a range of practical uses for everyday life, other learning areas and workplaces.

Big Ideas

Cover the strands:

  1. Number and Algebra
  2. Geometry and Measurement
  3. Statistics


Identify the student needs (through sound teaching practice) and endeavour to meet these needs through a differential learning programme.
Identify learning intentions, discuss and promote knowledge skills being developed.
Plan units with appropriate/specific success criteria and learning outcomes.
In Year 1-4 a strong focus will be placed on Number
Focus on basic facts
Reflect and review outcomes form previous programmes/levels and provide progressions of learning opportunities.
Student outcomes and assessment tasks based on school wide performance.
Mathematical knowledge and strategies as outlined in the numeracy project will be monitored and assessed using appropriate tools.
Teaching will revolve around an annual plan used throughout the school.
Professional development on-going and available to all staff