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Essence Statement
English is about learning the language, learning through the language and learning about the language. Understanding, using and creating, visual, oral and written text.Students become increasingly skilled speakers and listeners, writers and readers, presenters and viewers.

English At Kokopu School
Children will become effective, oral, written and visual communicators. They will be able to think critically and look for surface and deeper features in text in order to understand the power of language and enrich their lives. Children will learn to appreciate and enjoy literature, reflecting their own and other cultures nationally and globally. English is needed for all learning areas so that children can process and present ideas or information.

Big Ideas

Develop knowledge, skills and understandings related to:
  1. Text purposes and audience
  2. Ideas within language contexts
  3. Language features that enhance texts
  4. The structure and organisation of texts

Identify the student needs (through sound teaching practice) and endeavour to meet these needs through a differential learning programme.
Identify learning intentions, discuss and promote knowledge skills being developed.
Provide a strong focus on literacy Year 1-4
Plan units with appropriate/specific success criteria and learning outcomes.
Reflect and review outcomes form previous programmes/levels and provide progressions of learning opportunities.
English knowledge and understandings will be monitored and assessed in a variety of ways including running records, Pat tests, STAR and progressive written language samples Year 1-8.
Focus on key competencies and values
Professional development on-going and available to all staff